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Here are some of our recent projects:


Blythe House, London
Blythe house is astorage facility and admin department for the museums of London, the British, natural history and V&A to name a few. Here we have carried out a number of asphalt repairs and new lead work to cornice details to stacks, and capping details to re-built parapet walls. All in milled code 6 lead sheets, this was only phase 1 of the job, currently used just over two tonnes of lead. Phase two due to start in June of 2012, watch this space!

Oxford & Cambridge Club

Lead To Glass, Tonbridge
This lead work was laid by myself, after a glazer had tried to install the lead work themselves, twice. I had to strip out all of their defective work and start from scratch, they had used a code 3 cast lead, and a lot of mastic! As you can see, it has now been carried out to a high standard, using a milled code 5 lead sheet. corners have been cut and welded and all lead work was given two coats of patination oil. How a lead flashing is supposed to look!


Re-roof in Sidcup
This roof in Sidcup was well past its sell-by date, we renwed from the rafters up, using a single camber clay tile manufactured by Marley Hawkins, in a fired sienna finish. This is the same tile I have used on my roof at home, very nice finish.


St Mary's Church, Thunham
At St Marys Church, Thurnham in Kent, we removed asbestos and defective cast guttering and replaced with new cast gutters and down pipes. We also carried out a vast amount of clay peg tile repairs to all roof slopes. Once the scaffold had been removed we removed all moss and debris from the ground level gutters and walkways, as you can see from the photos, much tidier!

Italian Yacht

Sylvia Young
Sylvia Young has purchased this old Church in the heart of London and has transformed it into a huge dance academy. We were initially drafted in to repair the roof and install velux's with lead weatherings to the surrounds, but on my first site visit i quickly realised that much of the roof was past repair, and need to be stripped and renewed. So we stripped both sides, and after sorting through the thousands of clay tiles we had enough intact to cover just one side! The other side was covered in a new clay tilesystem ordered from the south of France, and needed to be counter-battened as you can see in the photos. There were approximately 30,000 tiles used on the new side alone, making this one of our biggest jobs to date.


Thames Rowing Club
Thames Rowing Club is situated on the Putney Embankment. We stripped existing slate roof covering, and set aside safely for re-use. Codes 5 & 6 milled lead sheetswere used on the dormas, new felt and battening and then the re-laying of original natural slate. We also renewed some flat roof areas using a 3 layer torch on roof system.


Tile Roof Tonbridge
This roof was on a new build, oak framed property, a warm roof system, we had to lay insulation of 100mm thick onto the rafters before counter battening and applying the breather membrane. Type of tile used was a single camber clay tile called a collingwood, made by Dreadnought. We used approximately 24000 single tiles alone, with bonnet tiles to hip details, and a red dye mix in the cement to help the mortar blend in.


Asphalt steps renewed in Lewisham, South London.